Our Mission is to provide a healthy learning environment for EVERY educational institution

Because monitoring air quality reduces the risk of airborne transmission of COVID-19 and promotes a healthy and productive environment for both students and teachers.

 We help to keep our kids  SAFE and in a healthy environment

Why Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Monitoring in education is a must!

Young people spend more time in educational establishments than any indoor environment other

than the home.

Putting an effective indoor air quality monitoring system in place means the whole building can operate more efficiently, with energy savings helping to reduce cost and environmental impact.

Poor indoor air quality in educational buildings can have a negative effect on young people’s health and academic performance.

Indoor air quality monitors can gather information on contaminants and air quality factors like, CO2, humidity, temperature, light, TVOC, pressure HCHO, PM2.5 & PM10 and O3.

Improving indoor air quality  creates an optimal environment for learning and wellbeing, where teachers and students can excel.

Implementing an indoor air quality program demonstrates that the health and wellness of staff and students comes first, and provides a key point of positive difference for the institution.

“Poor air quality in the classroom doesn’t just affect student health and wellbeing but also learning capacity through concentration loss, tiredness and fatigue.”

How we do this...

At EduMon we have developed an Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Monitoring platform that combines battery-powered wireless sensors with an easy-to-use online dashboard. 


Our Platform


Transform real-time and historical data into drag-and-drop widgets on dashboard.


Monitoring & Control

Control access and monitor your projects from anywhere.



Enable email and mobile push notifications based on triggered events.


Security & Reliability

Built on AWS to provide the most confidential and reliable infrastructure for your data.


Our Network


Low-powered Helium LongFi (LoRaWAN®)


Our IoT sensor uses LoRaWAN wireless, an extremely low-power, long-range wireless technology designed with IoT (Internet of Things) in mind. 


Secure and Reliable

Our gateways come with built-in ATECC608 crypto chip providing swarm keys storage, as well as highly-secure authentication and reliable connectivity.


High-Gain Antenna

Our enhanced high-gain antenna offers wider network coverage only requiring a single gateway in any school.


Ultra-low Power Consumption

The maximum power consumption is below 5 W. The electricity usage is similar to a 5 W LED bulb.


“Poor indoor air quality can result in significant adverse impacts on our health and environment.”

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